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  • J Marsh
    Jonathan Marsh - Project Manager - Women's Rights Information Center Attendee @ the Bogota Library "Suzzette Phillips and Bovan's Auto Services went above and beyond for our clients at Women's Rights Information Center. Suzzette brought Women's Car Care Clinic to the Center to educate our clients on how to understand and care for their vehicles. It's an incredibly important topic that can be intimidating to approach, and it was presented in a clear and understandable approach. All of our clients walked away from this workshop informed AND empowered!"
  • wccc
    Terry Richardson Attendee @ the Bogota Library "Very comprehensive information about car function & maintenance. Actual parts shown outside of the engine were helpful to see. I like that the company has a social conscience."
  • wccc
    Sharon Sullivan Attendee @ the Bogota Library "Informative, fun, good handouts & eliminates the intimidation factor."
  • wccc
    Attendee @ the Bogota Library "Love that the course was taught by a woman. Information was helpful & easily understandable. Happy to report my dad taught me well."

Had a great time with the women at the Ridgefield Park Library Women's Car Care Clinic on June 8, 2017

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